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We are the official distributtor for two of the leading European companies in this field.
Optima Molliter Salvatelli

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About Optima Diab
in the American Diabetes
Association Journal

Optima Diab Walker

Optima Diab is the leading walker for the healing of diabetic ulcers at the planter aspect of the foot.

It features:

1. Three layer insole, which allows instant offloading of foot deformities.
2. The 3 layers of the insole are fabricated in a puzzle form which allows modification of weight bearing according to the ulcer position.

3. The insole can be cut under the ulcer for advanced only offloading.
4. Light weight, well aerated.
5. Hard rocker bottom sole, which allows even distribution of body weight during walking, further helping in offloading the pressure points in the foot.

Clinical studies showed excellent results compared to the total contact cost.

Optima Cl Heel
Optima Heel walker is the leading walker for the healing of diabetic foot ulcers located at the heel or over the tendoachillis. It has the same features as Optima Diab with a large opening over tendoachillis

Algeos Air Walkers

1. Ideal for diabetic foot conditions, soft tissue damage, metatarsal fractures, forefoot and midfoot pain, ankle fractures and severe ankle sprains.
2. Air is easily adjusted to achieve compression and custom fit.
3. Featuring the walker frame design with a wide base for extra stability.
4. Available in the shorter mid-calf option.

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