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Sterile Dressings
Advanced Wound Care Products
The Diabetes-shop provides a full range of the best and most up-to-date dressings for advanced wound care.

The Sorbact method
Sorbact binds microorganisms to the green fabric by hydrophobic interactions. It has been proved to be effective in all types of wounds, markedly reducing the need for systemic antibiotics. Sorbact is imported from Sweden.

Systagenix Dressings
Systagenix offers a big range of wound care products; including: Inadine, Nugel, Actisorb, Adaptic, Prisma, Tielle and Silvercel. Those products enable clinicians to treat every type of wound predictably and effectively. Systagenix dressings are imported from UK.

The Pharma products
Pharmacoll offers varieties of hydrocolloid adhesive and non-adhesive modern wound care dressings; such as Pharmacoll Basic, Pharmafix and Pharmasupefoam. Those products are Gelatin, bacteria and virus free. They have been successfully used for offloading ulcers, and protecting "skin on bone" areas. Pharma products are made in Egypt under license.

Other dressings are also available in our shop.

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